June 27, 2019

Here at DUXTON, we are all about empowering men to dare greatly in their own arena, wherever they're at. In the Men of DUXTON series, we highlight men who have the courage daily to step into the zone day after day.

Today we meet Gus, a man with many talents. As the general manager of an F&B group, best known for Siri House, Gus shares with us how he shows up every day and dares greatly when he's at work, or home.
Instagram: @darkfoxhop
DUXTON: How do you be the best version of yourself considering that you have multiple places to be at in day?

Gus: Being conscious of the decisions I make every single day. Whether I'm dealing with my team-members, guests at the restaurants or my partner when I get home, I make sure all my interactions are guided with empathy and patience. The ability to listen and digest, then to respond accordingly is something all of us should cultivate.

DUXTON: Totally agree - listening is so important in any relationship, whether at work or at home. On this topic, where do you call home?

Gus: I've been blessed to have lived in a few great cities, however, I always find myself being a big advocate for Singapore. We are so young as a country, yet we have a bustling economy, a desirable regional base for start-ups and multinational companies alike and great housing and healthcare infrastructure. More than that though, we are racially accepting of each other and that for me is paramount with the state of the world as it is.
DUXTON: Singapore is indeed a beautiful community which is embracing to all. Is there a particular neighborhood that inspires you in Singapore (or outside) and why?  

Gus: I recently took a trip to Melbourne and I would say Fitzroy is a neighborhood I could see myself living in. The streets are lined with graffiti, independent retailers, speakeasies and boundary-pushing restaurants with the Victorian architecture mending into the crowded city. Just being surrounded by the air of artistry inspired me to want to get better at my craft. Oh and I'm all about the Natural Wine.

DUXTON: It is where the hipsters congregate, but inspiring spirit nonetheless. Less of that now, how about tell us something funny that happened to you recently?

Gus: I did my first runway show recently for a friend of mine, Q. He has a great men's tropical tailoring brand -The Prefecture. I was so nervous walking out from backstage that I forgot how to walk. I had to consciously tell myself to put one leg in front of the other and to slow down and to keep my strides small. After the show, people were coming up to me asking why did I look like someone owed me money. I was so concentrated on the walking that I forgot to smile or make eye contact the entire show, making me look like a night club bouncer about to throw someone out!

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